Care home pharmacy

Putting residents at the centre of pharmacy care home services.

We have in-house certified pharmacists who can work with care home management to maintain the CQC’s constantly evolving compliance requirements.

Our training courses are tailored to target continuing the educational development most relevant to your care home or nursing home.

We work closely with all care home stakeholders and maintain excellent relationships with the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

Our main focus would be on the following four things:

  • Increase care
  • Accuracy
  • Reduce harm
  • Reduce medicines waste

Benefits of our Care Home Pharmacy Services


Devon Pharma integrates its dispensing process with some of the leading eMAR systems designed to reduce medication errors and paperwork for staff whilst increasing management visibility, compliance and offering a method of simplified pharmacy communication. Please request for a demonstration of choice of eMar Systems.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the transition process?

As a specialised care home pharmacy, consisting of staff members with years of experience within this sector. We can ensure the transition process to utilizing our service is streamline and efficient. To begin the transition, we will require a copy of your residents current updated medicine administration chart (MAR) and a repeat prescription requests. This will enable for systematic monthly delivery of the required medications, seven days prior to your start dates.

In addition to this we have integrated our system to ensure compatibility with majority of the available electronic medicine administration record (eMAR) systems. Therefore, if your care home current utilizes an eMAR, this transition process could be completed more swiftly.

When do I get monthlies and interims delivered?

As medication supply is highly important to the continuity of care provided to your residents, we are particular to ensure sufficient time is available for your care home team to exam your monthly requires. Therefore, we will always deliver your monthly medications seven days prior to the start of the new month cycle.

Additionally in the event of requiring interim medications e.g. newly initiated medicines or medication amendments, etc. We will deliver these medications on the same day.

How many deliveries do I get in a day?

To ensure no medication supplies are left uncompleted we will endeavor to complete twice daily deliveries. To make certain of this, if informed of a delivery requirement before 1pm (13:00). We will organise a deliver between 1pm (13:00) and 2pm (14:00). In addition to this for evening deliveries, the cut off time to alert our team is 4pm (16:00) and the requests will be delivered between 4pm (16:00) and 6pm (18:00).

Please note in the event of an urgent request outside these designated delivery hours, please ring the pharmacy and we can arrange a solution to ensure delivery.

What if I don’t receive an interim medication that I expected to be delivered?

As patient care is paramount we have construct methods to ensure supplies are obtained. In the event of an undelivered item.

Simply dial the out of hour’s number provided and your enquiry will be dealt swiftly in a satisfactory manner. In exceptional circumstances, we can arrange a special delivery on the same day. Alternatively, we will arrange the dispensing of the required item, from a local pharmacy.

Will you help us sort out short falls and bringing mid cycle patients in line with the monthly cycle?

Yes, we will liaise with the surgery for you to get the short fall covered.

How will you help us improving and maintain highest level of CQC standard?

To ensure compliance with CQC regulations, we will conduct periodic medication audits, inspections and training. Our dedicated and experienced in- house team will work collaboratively with care home management to assist in maintaining CQC compliance requirements.


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